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Easter weekend with friends & family
I had a dream last night where I was inside a robot thing, controlling it. Shooting lasers and stuff, of course. Pretty cool.

Thursday night was awesome, we got to hang out with Josh and his gf Olivia, and Chris & Diana and Amanda and Brian. We started with some Rock Band and eventually (after many beverages) progressed to playing Just Dance on the Wii. That game resulted in some hilarious videos of people who never dance, dancing quite energetically.  Extremely fun times.

Friday was pretty chill, did a little shopping with Justin's mom and Diana. We all walked at the park and went out for Thai for dinner. Played some Partini and Apples to Apples. Yesterday we had ribs at Justin's parents house and played some more Wii games. 

Justin and I are trying to think of where we should go for our honeymoon mid October. Any ideas? I think we've decided NOT to go to some tropical beach, because we're not really beach people so much. I was thinking the mountains in Virginia, but I don't want to necessarily stay in some rustic cabin...I want some luxury on our honeymoon. Any ideas?

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