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new cat, new house...interesting dreams
me, beach
 wow, I just realized I haven't posted an entry since we moved into our house!

We moved in on April 24th, and it's pretty great. Love the neighborhood, love having a house and a yard. Don't mind the drive so's about the same as it was from our apartment in Greensboro. It's much closer to Justin's work. 

We did a bit of fixing up around the place before we moved in. We took down the ugly wallpaper in the kitchen (not a fun job!!), and painted the kitchen, dining room, and living room. It looks great now. 

Turns out you end up buying all kinds of things after you buy a house...light fixtures, rugs, stepladder...etc. Justin got a lawn mower for his bday and we were also given a nice electric edger/trimmer. And we just ordered some new living room furniture from Rooms to Go during their great memorial day sale. Can't wait to replace our ugly reddish pinkish couches!!

We had a bit of a housewarming party a couple weeks after we moved in, and that was pretty great. Around 20 people came to our party. We made use of the grill that came with the house, and the awesome patio down the hill in our backyard. We were going to enjoy our new firepit but it rained so we only got to use it for 15 minutes.
Justin and I have acquired our 3rd cat
Here's teh long story about that:

One day when I was leaving for work, I spotted a fluffy kitten outside our apartment. I brought a handful of catfood out for it and managed to pet it a little, but it wouldn't take the food. I was running late for work, so I left the catfood on a stair. I figured the cat belonged to someone who would find it. But thinking about it more throughout the day I started to wonder. The cat was pretty skinny...maybe it would be around again. So that evening I got home and set some cat food out. In the morning, the food was gone! So we started a regular thing of leaving cat food out, and it would disappear without us seeing the cat. When we finally saw a cat eating the food on our patio, it was a different cat than the fluffy one I saw that first day.
The first day or 2 after I saw the kitten, some guy randomly knocked on our door, but I didn't answer because Justin wasn't home. But my guess now is that he was the owner of the kitten and was looking for it. So the kitten was hopefully taken home, and this other cat kept coming every night to eat cat food while we watched through the window. If we opened the door, he immediately bolted. It was a little gray cat with the tip of his right ear missing.
Over the course of the next few weeks, we gradually earned his trust. First we opened our sliding glass door and watched through the screen while he ate a couple feet away. Eventually I got to the point where I could sit outside and he would eat a foot or so away from me, though he would dart away if I made any sudden movements. There was no way he'd let us close enough to pet him. If we were inside with the screen closed, he would come right up to the screen to see Leeloo.
One night, we were watching through the screen on the sliding door as he ate. I slid the screen door open to see if he would come in. He walked in through the door and I immediately grabbed him. I was wearing a thick sweatshirt in case, but he didn't fight me. (I was really lucky that he didn't scratch the crap out of me)
About 5 weeks after we first left food on the patio, Spooky became ours. At first he was very skittish, hiding under the bed a lot. I got him used to me by closing him in the bathroom with me, giving him no way to escape my affection. After much petting and cuddling, he was forced to realize I meant him no harm. Haha. 
I took him to the vet and discovered that he was already neutered. Not because he had a home, however. The tip of his ear was missing because that's how vets indicate a "feral" cat has been neutered/spayed before being released back into the wild. He knew how to use a litter box without any education from us.
Cut to now: Spooky follows me around the house, meows at me constantly to play with him, and sleeps on the bed. He harasses me when I'm trying to eat, and he purrs loudly when I hold him. So he's become a super sweet, completely non-feral cat. I can't even believe it's the same cat at all.

Let's see, what else... I had a weird dream last night about a zombie invasion. Clearly I've played too much Left 4 fact, I think the auto shotgun from that game was in my dream. It was a very intense dream. I was with a group of people, searching for a safe place to hole up and avoid the hordes of zombies. Apparently if we were quiet enough and kept the lights out, it was possible they might not find us. I was also trying to get in touch with Justin so we could meet. We spoke via cell phone, but for some reason (approaching zombies maybe) we could only talk once and only for a few minutes. Not enough time to plan where to meet. So I just had to hope we would think to go to the same place. 

A couple weeks ago I had a really sad dream where my dad was dead. BUT I had a phone that could make calls back in time, so I could call him back when he was still alive. But of course hearing him while he was still alive just made me sadder that he was gone. Anyway, the day after I had this dream, I called my dad to tell him about it. His response was "Well are you in the future now?"  LOL.  It amazes me the stuff my brain comes up with when I'm not conscious.

I feel like I have been super busy lately! taking care of the house and getting things settled, wedding planning (we met with our officiant and got engagement photos taken recently,  I have had alterations appointments for my dress and just got the final product the other day, went bridesmaid dress shopping with Rhea), and going places (we just took a trip to Sunset Beach with Justin's family). Not to mention work! And I photographed a wedding in May, and I'm still working through those photos. Whew.
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